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On 05.02.2012 17:18, Fabien wrote:
On Sat, Feb 4, 2012 at 5:22 PM, Alek Paunov<>  wrote:
especially the module authors? [...] more easy start for beginners

There's a contradiction here :)

Indeed :-), Let raise the bar little higher than then:

Let suppose existence of the "profile" feature as named set of dependencies: system packages (including '-devel' ones if needed) + concrete Lua engine + set of Lua modules with specified version or VCS revision. Let assume that a service user can "clone" the given Module Author MA1 profile P1 (i.e. the context in which developed module M1 is already tested). Some usage scenarios could be:

* MA1 announces the new features in M1; Interested List member MA2 clones P1 and M1, starts playing in minutes, shares his suggestions.

* Some project leader or just individual user U1 spots M1 somewhere. He wants to try something (before buy :-) i.e. install the things in the his local environment to the working level). U1 clones P1/M1, prepares his case (as P2 if the case pulls additional dependencies) publish the case (as gist, as example) and asks MA1 (smart or not so) questions. MA1 possibly fixes the gist and/or M1 and answers.

* MA1 wants to adapt M1 to different Lua engine or just wants to test things in the given distro environment(s) which the service provides currently.

Does any of these make sense? (once assume that some magical business model manages to backup the supposed above heavy feature, of course :-))

Also, the answer depends on what you mean
by "valuable". My guess is, such an editor is valuable on a SaaS platform,
to offer customization options to non-developer power-users (typically the
kind of people who write Excel macros, but don't know anything about

Maybe plus another one category: As Steve says as a "try and buy" option for number of average level coders, coming from other backgrounds (which belongs to emerging migration wave, especially from "classic" web application backgrounds - mod_perl, mod_php, jsp, etc to something more convenient for the "new" style message oriented applications).

Thanks for the comments,