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Hi List,

C9 [1] based, but Lua/Luvit centric online IDE service?

Would such a service be valuable for the Lua community, especially the module authors?

As most of the List probably knows, the company behind the amazing C9 project runs JS/Node.js centric IDE service at, which is implemented as integration of Github IDE sources with (closed source) infrastructure components.

IMHO, some potential benefits would be:
 * more easy start for beginners
   * feature for choosing per-installed module-set profiles
   * option to use/test with different Lua engines/Luvit/Tir
 * Lua centric code search (across the projects in service)
 * more appealing replacement

Of course such a big project will bring bunch of challenges - reliable hosting; per session containers (LXC or something); implementation of V8 debugging protocol (which C9 uses for interactive debugging); etc. May be recent Koneki [2] bits would be of great help for Lua support in C9.

Kind regards,

    High-quality in-browser IDE written in JS
    (including node.js server side).