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On 3-2-2012 15:11, T T wrote:
2012/2/3 Hans Hagen<>:
On 3-2-2012 14:53, Mateusz Czaplinski wrote:

     [2]: by the way, I'm curious whether the LuaTeX devs even consider
switching to 5.2, I suppose their 5.1 codebase is pretty large

We will switch and as I probably deal with the largest luatex code base I
see no big problems in such a switch and actually look forward to that move.
(However, I'd hoped that lpeg would have made it into 5.2.)

Any chance for a switch to luajit 2 instead?  I don't care for speed,
but FFI would be a killer feature for scripting, particularly on

Well, we do care for speed. At some point we will probably look into luajit although I'm can't say if there is much to gain as quite some time goes in garbage collection and function calls to the typesetting engine and only a part of the code gets executed more than a few times.


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