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I know I asked this question last. Year but I still haven't found what I'm looking for which is a  2D game development tutorials for beginners and to be more clear I'm looking for something that's teaching you lua while learning how to make simple 2d game at the same time. It dosnt matter if its in decoda love2D coranea. And etc..   I would just like to learn lua while learning how to put a game together sorry for any misspelled words or anything I'm on my phone at work writing this 

I'd say: pick one of the game engines and get to know it well.  Only branch out to the others afterwards.

In my case, I picked Love2D after learning some run-of-the mill Lua first.  I went to

(that's what you get if you feel lucky when googling love2d tutorial) and went through the first one.  I then wrote a stupid "game" that drew a circle and a square, displayed the coordinates when the mouse was pressed and changed the colors in the circle or square if you pressed one the letters R, G, B, Y while inside.

My second "game" just played a sound file and responded to mouse and keyboard events by noting down the time and storing it in a file.   The third "game" did a slide show with music, playing the same sound file and switching pictures every time the time passed on of those stored moments.

By then I knew how to draw things, react to user events, play sounds, and read and write files from inside Love2D.  That's enough for a start.

I then began to write a more realistic game, reading the other tutorials one at a time as their topics became useful.  I still need to keep the Love documentation open all the time, and I bought "Programming in Lua" so I can read up on Lua while standing in a queue at the traffic fine office.