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On Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 4:17 AM, kingsley young
<> wrote:
> I know I asked this question last. Year but I still haven't found what I'm
> looking for which is a  2D game development tutorials for beginners and to
> be more clear I'm looking for something that's teaching you lua while
> learning how to make simple 2d game at the same time. It dosnt matter if its
> in decoda love2D coranea. And etc..   I would just like to learn lua while
> learning how to put a game together sorry for any misspelled words or
> anything I'm on my phone at work writing this

Hi, I'm planning to do similar course for my project:
You may be interested.
It's mostly aimed for 3D but 2D graphics is also handy there.
I've been working on network implementation of Gunfu Deadlands. A had
to put it away for a while but maybe I'll get it done soon.
Currently there's only GNU/Linux support (other OS's are coming).

May I ask you to take a look at this page:
and describe your vision of beginner's learning course?