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You can add these to the game list:

Crimson - Steam Pirates //
Wolf Toss //

Both are made with Moai.

-- Pierre-Yves

On Thu, Feb 2, 2012 at 21:19, marbux <> wrote:
> I've been gathering what's been posted so far about apps using Lua
> into a NoteCase Pro outline. I've exported that to HTML You can get
> the HTML in raw form at <>
> It's still in rough form, plus I recall some links that were posted
> earlier in this discussion to some wiki pages listing apps that I
> can't find my way back to. (The list does include the apps WIkipedia
> has in the way of games and game engines scriptable with Lua.
> Next question is what might be done with the information, assuming I
> were to fill it out and polish it?
> BTW, the count of games is now 158.
> Best regards,
> Paul