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Le 02/02/2012 16:12, Pierre-Yves Gérardy a écrit :
Your project looks interesting, and it is always nice to share code. You
could think of it as a Lua NoSQL pendant to SQLite [...]

Thank you.
It's exact, lstore is kind of NoSQL SQLite thing.
I plan to allow KyotoCabinet and / or LevelDb as an optional storage engine but I'll keep a pure Lua alternative.

Side note: the SSL certificate of your site is for another domain, which
causes Chrome to display a big red scary page when you try to reach it...

I'll fix it as soon as possible.
For the moment, I have deactivated the SSL redirect. So you can use the project page in plain HTTP too.

In your implementation, all db objects share the same private
attributes, I'm not sure it is what you intended...
Otherwise: [...]
`lstore:_unlock` code could be improved:

I agree, my mistakes.

Le 02/02/2012 16:31, Petite Abeille a écrit :
Talking of which, i.e. matter of taste, what's the rational for exporting your private methods? [...]
Wouldn't a local function suffice?

You're right. I guess it's an old Python reminiscence, just a convention. I should be better to not expose private methods at all.

I'll work on all of these recommandations tomorrow.
Thanks again.