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I'm glad to announce my first Lua program, lstore.

lstore is just another simple / stupid database for lazy Lua programmers. I've decided to store JSON objects rather than Lua tables for several reasons :

* Interoperability : the storage file - text as default - can be read, edited by any JSON-aware tools
* Data only : I don't want to store functions, references... just data
* Coherence : I'll use JSON and JSON-RPC in my projects

lstore is released under MIT license.
For the moment, there is no rock file. The requirements are DKJSON or CJSON.

The official website can be found at <> .

I've chosen fossil for its simplicity, all-in-one solution to administrate small projects, and the pleasant idea of having distributed wiki and bug tracker. You can also register yourself on the website.

I've tried to follow the Lua-Users Style Guide page <> and write decent docstrings and unittests.
But it's my firsts Lua code and project : all criticisms are really welcome.

Thanks for reading.

PS : as you see, I'll need to improve my english. I'll work on it.