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On Sat, Jan 21, 2012 at 12:53 AM, Graham Wakefield
<> wrote:
> Somehow the linker needs to know that a dependency of XXX.framework should issue linker command -framework XXX

I do Windows/Linux, and my experience of OS X is limited to my wife's
elderly Tiger PPC machine.  So the current incantation for linking
shared libraries is probably getting equally elderly (Like the target
set to 10.3 etc).  So I'd like some advice on how to update Lake so
that it can track the changes in the latest OS X.

The 'needs' mechanism is biased towards traditional include/link path
and libs;  I'd have to think about how this could be generalized to
generate appropriate link commands.

> Is there a way to do this already?

No, but you can directly set this with the libflags field, which will
be passed directly.

In this case, I suppose 'cross-platform' is not such a pressing need,
and there are always if-statements ;)

steve d.