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2012/1/13, <>:
> 2012/1/13 Ezequiel García <>:
>> 2012/1/13, <>:
>> Which examples are causing the segfault? (The smaller one)
> These examples all fail...
> cairo_test4oo.lua
> cairo_test5.lua
> cairo_test5oo.lua

I think you should:
1. post the complete segfault message
2. get the *smallest* example that cause the segfault. These examples are rather

> ---> comment out the next line and it will work. It seems that
> changing the font_face causes the corruption
> cr:select_font_face("Sans", CAIRO.FONT_SLANT_NORMAL,

This is odd. Is this happening on a sistematic basis?
However, the other examples don't use this function so it is odd.

Just for curiosity: having mention you are testing it in an arm
embedded, what graphic backend
are you using ?