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2012/1/13, <>:
> I'm trying to get luaCairo (
> working on a small ARM based embedded system.  When running the small
> test programs that come with luaCairo several of them segfault in
> Lua's sweeplist when exiting.

Which examples are causing the segfault? (The smaller one)

> lua seems to work fine on its own. And my standalone programs using
> Cairo work too. So my suspicions are on the wrappers in luaCairo.

Maybe, the lua binding code (i.e. luacairo code itself) is not
releasing or destroying some resources. This should be done using

I would compare a minimal faulting luacairo example with its pure C
cairo counterpart, and then look for non-released resources in
luacairo code.

Hope I am clear enough.