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I got some experience with V4L2, I've built Lua binds for this:

Probably port it to IM will be not painfull :)
Let's discuss privately and talk about what can be done!

On Sun, Jan 8, 2012 at 2:45 PM, Antonio Scuri <> wrote:

 Hi Gabriel,


  Yes, I did not have time to work on the V4L capture. A contribution will be very welcome!


  The idea would be to implement the same API we have today for Linux. So current applications would benefit from the new driver. But we can make changes to the API if necessary. Let’s discuss this in a private message.





From: [] On Behalf Of Gabriel Duarte
Sent: domingo, 8 de janeiro de 2012 10:52
To: Lua mailing list
Subject: Re: ANN: IM 3.7


Good :)


The V4L capture still is not avaliable? I would like to help to add this feature if still does not exist.

Anyway, great job,  congrats!



On Sun, Jan 8, 2012 at 2:41 AM, Antonio Scuri <> wrote:

Hi All,

The 3.7 version of the IM toolkit has been released.

We would like to highlight the following features:

- support for Lua 5.2
- removed Lua bytecode usage in pre-compiled binaries. Now IM pre-compiled
binaries are compatible with LuaJIT.
- support for OpenMP in the im_process library. Almost all image processing
functions now have support for multi-thread using OpenMP.
- third party libraries updated to newest versions zlib 1.2.5, libpng 1.5.7,
libjpeg 8c  and libtiff 4.0.

You can find the complete list of changes and files for download at:

IM is a toolkit for Digital Imaging. IM is based on 4 concepts: Image
Representation, Storage, Processing and Capture.

Best Regards,
Antonio Scuri


Gabriel Duarte
Linux User #471185
France / Grenoble - Rhône Alpes

Gabriel Duarte
Linux User #471185
France / Grenoble - Rhône Alpes