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On Thu, Jan 5, 2012 at 7:41 PM, Szymon Gatner <> wrote:
> I was looking for good coroutine library for C++ myself after learning about
> them with Lua. Boost.Coroutine status is unclear to me but its author
> seems to be now involved in provisionally accepted Boost.Context:
> It looks really good and it is now under additional minireview meaning
> all issues from original review have been addressed.
> Hope this helps.

Thank you all! I did not know about Boost.Context. Apart from being
still dependent on Boost, this one looks promising, and it already
provides some examples that work almost just like Lua's powerful
coroutine. It's own fcontext seemed to be a lot faster than ucontext
as well....

On a second glimpse at libCoroutine, I think adding a wrapper around
the simple C API and encapsulate some kind of buffer for value passing
when switching might be doable.

Any other suggestions? :)

Johnson Lin