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Hi all,

Recently I stumbled upon this post on lua-l again:

And all of a sudden (maybe I played SpaceChem too much recently) I
found out that how I might be able to apply this to our C++ codebase.
Of course the LuaJIT FFI callbacks worked, but I just want to try if I
can implement what Mike suggested there back then.

However, the biggest problem I bumped into right now is there seems to
have no robust C coroutine implementation. I need asymmetric coroutine
support and value passing (just like the Lua one), and can be compiled
across 3 major platforms (windows, osx and linux).

supports asymmetric coroutine and value passing, but it's unfinished
and dunno if it works on OSX, and heavily dependent on boost.

seemed like have asymmetric support. value passing is ok; However
there's unresolved issue about compiling on OSX.

I hope this is not too off-topic on the list. Can someone help me out
a little bit?
Thanks in advance.

Johnson Lin