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Thanks for the replies so far, its interesting to read about, even if I decide to be lazy and not port to 5.2
The discussion about Endianism, reminded me I needed to thank Luis for posting a link a while back to a post of his dating all the way back to 1996 containing a patch to implement the endian swap.
Using 5.1.4. I have briefly tested this patch with the bytecode compiled on a PC and running on a big endian CPU. So far it seems to work great, but its a bit of a nasty thing to test as its hard to know where the subtle maths implementation differences might show up.  The code changes to enable this feature were surprisingly small, so hopefully it runs pretty efficiently. If I want to eek a bit more performance out of it I could look at compiling on the PC to set as big endian byte mode, so that it saves having to do the swap at run time on my slow CPU. I wonder what that might give me, a percent maybe ?

One comment I would like to make just in case Roberto or LHF is reading this, now we are nearly in 2012 with a plethora of consoles, hand helds, tablets etc, this issue of being endian agnostic is very much more useful than it would have been back in back in the late 90's whenever the decision was taken to remove the feature. My not so subtle hint for it to be re-considered for Lua 5.3 please !
> Out of curiosity, what OS? what CPU? There are other users of oddball systems on the Lualist
Oddballs of the world unite ! MQX, and a Freescale Coldfire CPU
> I have always met with friendly and considerate advice from them.
Yes agreed, I have found the same thing, its one of the appeals of using Lua
> Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2011 14:21:26 +0000
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> Subject: Re: Can someone sell Lua 5.2.0 to me please ?
> In message <DUB102-W588857995F6A0CA3F95490DEA10@phx.gbl> you wrote:
> > Hi Firstly let me say, thank you very much to the Lua team for all their hard work
> > and congrats on releasing 5.2.0.
> Seconded.
> > uses an oddball OS and a slow CPU.
> Out of curiosity, what OS? what CPU? There are other users of oddball systems on the Lualist
> (me, for instance) and they can sometimes help each other. The major players in Lua development
> cannot reasonably be expected to attend to minority needs, but even so, I have always met with
> friendly and considerate advice from them.
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