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I really think Luvit is awesome and I feel bad for not yet having
found the time to play with it.

I would divide all programms in roughly two big categories:
* Scripts: the many variants of progeny of turing machines and
computer science. program starts, gets a input, runs a while, makes
output, finishes.
* Interactives: programms keeps running until further notices and
reacts on input. When input is user: GUIs, when it is network,
filesystem or sockets: daemon.

Most of the interactives have that big select() statement somewhere,
with some mats for timeouts etc. and how many times has the wheel been
reinvented around that? I invented my own version of that wheel a few
times. For those class of programs Luvit could be *the* common
framework. With such a framework it really gets easy to put off the
shelf components into your application. Have a daemon for X? Now you
can easily add an interface to query its status and control it via
HTTP! Similar with asynchronous database IO, etc.

- Axel