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On Wed, 30 Nov 2011 12:56:57 -0600
Tim Caswell <> wrote:

> I've been holding off announcing my project on this list for some time
> since it's not 1.0 yet, but now I realise that won't happen any time
> soon.

release early, release often! build a community early ;-)

> If you're familiar with nodejs, it's quite similar (...)

it looks very cool, but i have to ask: why?
is there anything about lua that makes it more appropriate to build this kind of technology vs javascript?
anything with speed, reliability, available libraries? language features?
or the fact that lua is a smaller language with a simpler implementation, and hence easier to work with to build this?

on your github page I read "In initial benchmarking with a hello world
server, this is between 2 and 4 times faster than nodeJS."
do you know why this happens? can we conclude the lua jit runtime is just more efficient than js?
( also mentions something like that)