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On 26 November 2011 08:03, Marc Balmer <> wrote:
> Hi
> I have a stylistic question wrt/ calling Lua "callbacks" from a C
> program.  I see two obvious approaches:
> 1) Lua code registers callbacks explicitely using a RegisterCallback
> function that is provided by the C program; the C program later calls
> the callback function when one is registered.
> 2) Lua code does not register callbacks, but the callbacks must be
> functions with a certain name, e.g. "MouseMovedCallback"; C code will
> then see if a function with the correct name is available in the Lua
> state, and if so, call it.

The GLFW bindings use 2). It's somewhat awkward when you're using
strict.lua, though, as you need to do a rawset(_G, "callbackname",
function ()...end).

Personally I would always prefer 1), and can't think of any advantages
for 2), other than being _slightly_ easier to implement in c.