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aSEioT wrote:
> After redownloaded and rebuilded dozens of commit version. I finally found
> it happend since commit "2dc574d06bc6e828109a3bffa975592f9417434c".
> btw: I was call the "ffi" lib to snap the processes and relative information
> in a table, after that I convert the table to the Json style and return to
> the caller.( does this helpful?)

This change allowed FFI calls to __stdcall functions to be
compiled. Previously this caused a fallback to the interpreter.
Maybe something is still wrong in the code generation for this
feature. So the problem is most likely not in table.concat itself.

You probably use calls to some __stdcall Windows API function to
generate the table. Which Windows API functions do you call in a
loop? To debug this further, I'll probably need to see the FFI
part of your code.