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aSEioT wrote:
> >> Have a look at the error message from require. I.e. the string
> >> that pcall puts on the Lua stack if it returns with an error.
> >>This ought to tell you what happened.
> >Sure, I had checked the return of lua_pcall with no error!
> Additional test, I found it broken since commit
> "aad7ea3c02b0baed5b700565eea36c9b33d7c6b1", and no such problem in previous
> versions and lua 5.14. 
> After we load and unload the lua51.dll, It just locked and cannot be deleted
> before we exit the caller.

Ah, ok! Sorry, but I have misunderstood your problem.

So require() itself works fine. Your actual problem is that calls
to require() for a new module messed up the module reference count
for lua51.dll. Thank you for the report! Fixed in git HEAD.