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junjie shen wrote:
> The content of Main.lua is:
>     require "sth"    -- require sth.lua, thiscause the problem. No matter what thecontent of sth.lua, even is empty.

Have a look at the error message from require. I.e. the string
that pcall puts on the Lua stack if it returns with an error.
This ought to tell you what happened.

> About table.concat, It just broken recently, I still use the 10.14 version with no problem.

10.14? There's no such version. You need to give a commit ID.

Also, there has been no change to table.concat recently. Try
cleaning your git tree and rebuild everything from scratch.

>     function tableToJson (s, ic)
> [...]
> This function may generate truncated result in some situation, and stop me from using the latest git-head version.

It doesn't give wrong results for any kind of input table I can
come up with. You'll have to provide a complete test case.