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On Fri, Nov 25, 2011 at 2:14 AM, Jimmie Hansson <> wrote:
> We have implemented lua on an embedded platform with a RTOS and have got
> everything to work except the if-else statement. [..]
> When we run an if else statement everything execute correctly until we reach
> the OP_EQ case in luaV_execute function in lvm.c. This only happens when the
> if statement is false. When the if statement is false we jump to a “random”
> case after the OP_EQ and this normally end in a fatal event or sometime just
> a” lua can’t run sting” We have tried the same lua code in windows
> environment and then everything works fine.

Have you made any patches to Lua (particularly
lparser.c/lcode.c/lvm.c)?  Have you dumped and examined the bytecode
for correctness (either running "luac -l -l" on the target system or
somehow figuring out how to make luac cross-compile on your host)?