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We have implemented lua on an embedded platform with a RTOS and have got everything to work except the if-else statement. When we execute a file we do that by reading the file into a string and then calling luaL_loadstring and after that lua_pcall(l,0,0,0). We do this because we haven’t fully ported memory reading yet.

When we run an if else statement everything execute correctly until we reach the OP_EQ case in luaV_execute function in lvm.c. This only happens when the if statement is false. When the if statement is false we jump to a “random” case after the OP_EQ and this normally end in a fatal event or sometime just a” lua can’t run sting” We have tried the same lua code in windows environment and then everything works fine.


Does anyone have any clue what’s going wrong in the OP_EQ case?

We are in a bit of a tight schedule so a fast answer would be appreciated.


Here is the lua code that crashes:

a = 3

if a==4 then