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On 24 November 2011 10:05, Martin Linklater <> wrote:
> Thanks for that Peter - it now breaks instantly 8).


So now, as HyperHacker says, you need to store a reference to the
thread somewhere in Lua.  It sounds like you ought to have a table
containing all your active threads.  That table itself will need to be
stored somewhere, either as a member of another table, or a global, or
in the registry.  I don't know what you're creating, but it sounds
like the registry would be the best place to put it.  See .   In C, do something like:

// with the active threads table on the top of the stack...
int active_thread_table = luaL_ref (lua, LUA_REGISTRYINDEX);

// and then later, when you want to iterate over that table...
lua_gettable (lua, active_thread_table);
// active thread table is now on top of the stack.

(Sorry if any of that is obvious.)