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	Thanks Daurnimator,

To get the directory of the current script; I use:
local rel_dir = assert ( debug.getinfo ( 1 , "S" ).source:match (
[=[^@(.-[/\]?)[^/\]*$]=] ) , "Current directory unknown" ) .. "./"

	This returns in the terminal:

	But under emacs + lua-mode, I get:

Then in your module, add to package.(c)path:
package.path = rel_dir .. "?.lua;" .. package.path

	Actually I'll be fine in just doing, if the one up succeeds.
		require( rel_path .. "the module" )

Maybe I should work on trying to fix this in the emacs lua-mode if possible.

Also I don't want to modify package.path, etc. My goal is to be able to use this on a plugin level (Autodesk products), and I don't want to interfere with other modules.

	E.g. I don't want loading of one module to change the behaviour of another.