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Probably posted here already, and there were couple of discussions, but I still can't get around writing a simple version for require that works with local files.
	For example, my project tree is like this:


In this file I'm "requiring" tests/zmq/testutil.lua:

	local testutil = require( "tests/zmq/testutil" )

But this seems very fixed to my project. "testutil.lua" is only used by the "tests/zmq" folder, and if the whole folder is moved, or LUA_PATH happens to be different, it should still work...

I've looked at "...", arg, and certain debug. facilities, but I can't find something that works always fine from the command line, and (in my case) from emacs using (lua-mode).

One thing with emacs's lua-mode is that I can't get the proper lua-file name, but a temporary name, but I guess there is not an easy workaround.

	Anyone with better ideas?

And something that is going to be possible (if not easy) to remember... a pattern of some kind...