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On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 8:28 PM, Stefan Reich
<> wrote:
> Hello all Luaistas.
> I think we should have a new Lua-related talking place (slightly
> generalizing the term 'mailing list' here) with these fundamental
> properties:
> - a positive spirit
> - real collaboration
> - real positive group-building
> - people encouraging each other
> - absolutely free expression of personal emotion, no matter what kind of
> emotion it is.
> That new place will enable us to overcome the state of semi-paralysis and
> severe (it really is severe) lack of collaboration that continues to plague
> lua-l.
> I am making this proposal instead of continuing to attack those who cause
> the paralysis (which I could also do) because I believe this to be a more
> constructive approach.
> I have concrete ideas on how to make that place and will post them in due
> time.

1. Well, just do it. If I'll find your site a good place to express my
Lua'ish part of self - I'll join it.
2. Don't blame "lua-l". It's the best techno community I've ever seen
so far. And I guess, that's because
the maintainers just stick with purpose of "lua-l" just as they stick
with their vision of Lua itself.
3. If you wish to do a really good thing - then think of supplementing
features of "lua-l" rather than covering all the features of "lua-l"
and adding your vision.
"lua-l" is conservative because people love consistency of Lua. If you
would propose something mad then people would say
"hey, hands away from our Lua!". That's because "lua-l" is too close
to core of Lua mainstream.
When read another ugly feature proposal I think "damn, I'll kill
myself if this gets implemented in Lua".
So if you are a dreamer - just build a place not so close to Lua core.
Even mad and strange ideas may turn into something suitable for real life.
But it have to take long path of all that creative stuff, you know
what I mean...:)