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> Just as Lua is written in "clean C, the common subset of Standard C
> and C++", one can write one's new programs in "clean Lua, the common
> subset of Lua 5.1 and 5.2".  Here is a partial list.
> 1. unpack = unpack or table.unpack
> 2. Don't use # or the table library on non-sequences.
> 3. Don't use goto.
> 4. Write modules to return a table containing everything and load them by
>    mymod = require "mymod"
> 5. Load bit32 explicitly if you need it.

I don't get the discussion. We all should know by now, like Mike Pall*
said, 5.2 is going to be Vista of Lua. Enough breaks to an annoyance,
while there aren't much good stuff for the end user to compensate.
Anyway lets just get over it, and see what Luiz/Roberto come up with
for the "7" of Lua releases.

Otherweise I know you posted once you like this list, because you said
here are the people that just want to figure out how things work and
then loose interest (forget the abbreviation). Anyway, not everyone is
like that. I just like getting things done, and I don't see why a
discussion like this helps me getting anything done better. The other
observation I recently had on maillinglists, its usually not very
productive when the topic is about how others should code, since
everyone got his/her ideas, and feels offended by others saying they
aren't good. Yes, Maintainabilty should be a concern, but usually your
just yourself who gets to suffer if you dont do it well, so its an
lessons everyone learns soon enough anyway.

So can we just stop bickering about 5.2 and switch over to get some
cool stuff done?