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>> Just as Lua is written in "clean C, the common subset of Standard C
>> and C++", one can write one's new programs in "clean Lua, the common
>> subset of Lua 5.1 and 5.2".

> I don't get the discussion.
The intended point is just the one sentence quoted above.

> …
> The other observation I recently had on maillinglists, its usually
> not very productive when the topic is about how others should code,
I was basically reporting on how I code.  I don't care about how others

> …
> So can we just stop bickering about 5.2 and switch over to get some
> cool stuff done?
For the first few replies after I posted I was quite sorry I did, since
some people did "bicker about" 5.2 instead of helping to pin down
Clean Lua (which I actually thought was a cool idea, sorry you didn't
seem to like it much late on a Saturday night).

Then came some very enlightening posts by Petite Abeille, David
Manura and Steve Donovan.  I hope your reaction to my post did
not stop you from reading theirs.