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> We currently delegate all semantic operations to Metalua; on the Java side,

I don't use Metalua presently, but am interested in exploring the
topic further. To build an AST I just hacked a java port of the Lua
parser from LuaJ/Kahlua to build an AST while it parses. IntelliJ
requires you to build an AST that contains every token in the file so
that you can reproduce the file exactly if given the AST built from

I'd be interested to see how I could incorporate Metalua into the process.

> The language barrier prevents us from coupling semantic analysis with
> Eclipse/DLTK. As a result, those services will remain easier to adapt to
> other tools, and we sure would be thrilled to share them with IntelliJ.

We could probably take this question off the list, but could that work
be licensed under MIT or something less restrictive than EPL?