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As the developer of Lua support for the IntelliJ IDE, I am pleased to see some activity on the Eclipse front. BTW, I am jealous of your website it is quite nice looking.

Perhaps there might be ways we can find to work together and share ideas on how to solve what are probably common challenges for example how to provide completion and documentation for embedded Lua API's. It would be great for example to have a way to specify an API that is supported both in Eclipse and IntelliJ. That is just the first thing that comes to mind, there are many others I am certain. 



On Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 1:11 PM, Benjamin Cabé <> wrote:

The Eclipse Koneki development team is pleased to announce the
availability of its Lua Development Tools, that can be installed via the
Koneki update site (see explanations at the bottom of this message).
Not only Lua Development Tools is providing you with the features you
would expect from any IDE (syntax highlighting, code folding, ...), but a
really nice addition is that we include a real Lua debugger, well
integrated in the IDE (thanks to Eclipse DLTK, actually).
We are relying on Metalua for source code analysis ; and thanks to JNLua,
the tooling is cross-platform! :-)

Available features:
* Syntax coloring
* Error markers
* Outline
* Code folding
* Code templates
* Occurrence highlighting
* *Debugger*

Features to be implemented soon:
* LuaDoc support
* Custom interpreter definition

To give Lua Development Tools a try, it is super easy: just add the Koneki
update site [1] to your Eclipse 3.6+ installation (Help > Install New
Software...), and install "Lua Development Tools (Incubator)".

Please visit
<> to learn more about the project, watch a
quick screencast, access the documentation regarding the debugger, etc.
Bugs or feature requests should be filed in our Bugzilla [2].

FYI, Koneki is an Eclipse project aiming at providing Machine-to-Machine
developers with tools to help them in their day-to-day job. Lua being a
language very well-suited for embedded targets, Koneki initial focus has
been set on establishing a good development environment for it.
In the next future, Koneki aims (along with other Eclipse initiatives) at
using a common abstraction of what an M2M solution is, to deliver even
more development tools: simulators, communication simulators, code

Looking forward to getting your feedback!