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On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 5:32 AM, Michael Richter <> wrote:
> On 10 November 2011 18:02, Duncan Cross <> wrote:
>> >> Tables and hashes aren't easily comparable.
>> > They are if you provide the metatable with comparison operators.
>> The comparison metamethods are only consulted if both values are of
>> the same basic type, so even with those you cannot make a table == a
>> string.
> And we're back to the string fetish. Why would I want to compare a table to
> a string if I've got the tables?

In 5.2.0-beta, `table < string` does consult the metatable [1] (why?).
 However, perhaps confusingly, `table == string` does not.  So,
comparing version tables with strings would be error prone.