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On Nov 10, 2011, at 4:55 PM, Stefan Reich wrote:

> I would like to put this very clearly: I am very much against the
> prospect of Lua 5.2 breaking ANY script written for 5.1.

Bah... Lua is not Java... no point in time freezing a language at version 0.1 forever...

Plus, as pointed out, if you don't like the changes in 5.2, stick with 5.1. And live happily forever after.

Also, the breaks are usually spread over two major releases: a given release (say 5.2) deprecates a given feature (say setfenv) and the following one removes it altogether (say 5.3). This give you a rather long lead time to adapt. Or not.

That said, in the specific case of (set|get)fenv, as this can be reimplemented in terms of 5.2's _ENV, why remove it? Why not simply leave it in 5.2, but implement it in terms of _ENV?