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2011/11/4 Roberto Ierusalimschy <>:
> I am not arguing whether "pure Lua" is better/recomended/correct
> or what you want. I am just saying that "pure Lua" means a piece
> of Lua code that does not depend on external modules written in other
> languages. (Otherwise you have a Lua application; the "pure" would mean
> nothing.)

hmmm... if it can be useful I apologize for having calling "pure Lua"
something that is not "pure", I hope I didn't corrupt the soul of the
younger programmers here.

So to be more accurate, "I wrote the quadrature routine QAG in Lua by
using the FFI extension available with LuaJIT2. The FFI interface was
used to call directly the GSL functions available in the GSL dynamic

I hope that now it is accurate enough because I have the impression
that this discussion is not very constructive. :-)

Best regards,