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Is there any plugin like this in emacs?

2011/10/28 Peter Odding <>
I had seen Textadept some time in the past, but had forgotten about it.

It is a much more minimal interface than I am accustomed to.
I presently am quite fond of tabs like in SciTE.

After a very brief trial, I think I stay with SciTE for now. I am
reasonably comfortable with it. I like the tabs, and the icons.

The one thing I am not used to is the more explicit style of autocomplete.

I am used to autocompletion being offered earlier and implicitly in the

In Smalltalk it is as soon as you start typing a method name or a
variable name.
In many Python editors, at least start autocomplete (suggestions) at the
'.' (period) when entering into a method.
They also potentially will autocomplete/autofill in default args at the
open parens.

So far from what I see in SciTE and it seems also in Textadept, that it
is necessary to do Ctrl-Enter to initiate the autocomplete suggestions.

If you're comfortable with Vim's input model (multiple modes) you may like my Lua file type plug-in for Vim*. It supports several types of code completion including automatic completion after typing a module name followed by a dot and after typing require(' (you can guess what that will complete ;-). There are two ways it can complete code: Based on a static list of standard library identifiers (included in the plug-in) or based on the modules installed on your system. The second mode is disabled by default because it actually has to load the modules which may have side effects (although module loading really shouldn't have side effects, because that ruins any chance at introspection like this). One last feature I really like personally: The completion menu includes function signatures for standard library functions :-) (see the screen shot on the homepage linked below).

 - Peter