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On 10/27/2011 11:35 AM, Stefan Reich wrote:
Hi Ezra!

Thanks for your answer!

Would XMPP work for sending a frozen script (just a binary image)
between different machines?
Yep. Jingle [1] (which most clients and libs support) allows for file transfer, or for small amounts of data you could just compress, hex-encode, and send the image as a standard message with an identifying prefix for the receiver to parse. I'm sure there are plenty of other methods supported by the protocol, those are just the two that happen to come to mind first.

If yes, do you have code to do this? I
really want to just start doing it (sending a few scripts around the
Not at the moment, but I doubt it would take long to come up with something workable. I'd start with Verse [2] (I have ready-made squishes and test/example code if you have trouble getting it working from the repo) and figure out what works from there.

My own first idea was to use zmq for communication. But I haven't
really started exploring it it yet, just informed myself about it a
little. If XMPP provides useful, let's go for XMPP.
It depends completely on implementation. I probably know even less about zmq than you, but I do know it'll very likely be faster than XMPP if distributed computing is involved. XMPP does have the huge advantage of being a chat protocol, which makes client discovery and non-binary communication (state and overload notifications, handshakes, etc) trivial to implement.

For a lib I'd leave the connection up to the application, defining pluggable methods for I/O. At an application level, if I had to pick only one my first choice would be XMPP - it takes a *lot* of fairly complex work out of the picture. Set up a server, figure out a way to handle registration on the client level, call it good.

If speed becomes an issue under an XMPP implementation with no XEP to handle things better, perhaps a hybrid approach using XMPP for basic communication while ZMQ handles the 'dirty work' of sending and receiving data would work well.

There's all sorts of ways, and I'd be happy to collaborate if you'd like. Feel free to contact me directly.