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On 10/27/2011 12:07 AM, Matthew Wild wrote:
On 27 October 2011 00:04, Ezra Sims<>  wrote:
On 10/26/2011 10:32 AM, Stefan Reich wrote:
Hi fellas. -

What do I mean by mobile? I am not referring to mobile devices (not
specifically anyway).

Rather, the idea is that a script is frozen on one machine, sent
through the network and then unfrozen and continued on another
Interesting! I've got something similar in progress, using XMPP as a
communication method between a potentially massive number of Lua states on
any number of computers. Been focusing on other aspects of the project
lately, so it's not much more than get/set ops and a relatively simple event
messenger at the moment, but this might just inspire me back to that part of
Sounds fun! Let me know if you you need any help on the XMPP side
especially, I know a thing or two by now :)


I might have to take you up on that, Verse being my XMPP lib of choice and all.

The project started as a sort of XMPP chatbot which would let me throw files at friends (via Dropbox), run/kill/restart programs remotely, and all sorts of other things when I'm out and about. Along the way I realized that I really needed to make the program multithreaded to work correctly, so I switched to working on that and eventually came up with a lovely method of handling a near-infinite number of Lua states relatively cleanly. Go big or go home, right?

After a while messing around with that I figured it would be awesome to turn that threading work into a library for other projects, of which one happens to be a WoW-esque module/addon API. Put 1+2 together, get pi, decide to turn the XMPP project into a module for that... It's been an interesting experience and quite a bit of fun to write.

I really don't mean to hijack the thread. I'll start my own in a week or two when the thread lib is ready to use. Might be a while longer for the module and XMPP portions.

@Stefan: I'm really curious about the framework's conception. My first thought was distributed computing, but I don't see that quite being the case with Lua OS unless you're planning on splitting installation loads between local and remote machines. I'd love to see some examples of what you have planned for it!

@Matthew: Apologies for the double reply, Thunderbird had a silly moment.