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Am 25.10.11 21:10, schrieb Lourival Vieira Neto:
> On Sun, Oct 23, 2011 at 1:54 PM, Pascal <> wrote:
>> Marc Balmer wrote:
>>> NetBSD (-current) has Lua in the base install
>>> and there is an ongoing project to use Lua in
>>> the kernel.
>> This sounds very fascinating indeed. I have read about the Lunatik project, but I was not able to understand whether is has been already completed or not. When should we expect to see it fully implemented?
> What you mean by "completed"? Lunatik is functional. You can use it to
> run and load Lua scripts in the Linux or NetBSD kernel. However,
> Lunatik itself doesn't provide bindings to kernel internals. If you
> want to use it, you need to write your own bindings.

I will present the current state of affairs during the BSDDay(2011) in
Bratislava.  The project has evolved quite a good bit.

> My plan, and I think it is also the Marc's plan, is to write Lua
> bindings in the NetBSD kernel to get it more useful and to have
> concrete examples of how Lua could be used inside the kernel, but I
> think that is not feasible to write bindings for all possible
> scripting usages in the kernel. So, I think that developers should
> find their own usages for it. For example, I made bindings for Cpufreq
> on Linux and for read/write system calls on NetBSD; André Graf from
> University of Basel made bindings for Linux's Netfilter; and I
> recently talked with an other folk that wants to write bindings for
> other Linux subsystem.
> For sure, Lunatik needs to evolve, but I think that it is quite usable already.

I am not calling it Lunatik anymore, but "Kernel mode Lua" or "Lua in
the NetBSD kernel", and I added the missing pieces.  I think there is
now a whole infrastructure to use Lua in the kernel.  Let's discuss it
in Bratislava.

>>> That does not mean, however, that
>>> NetBSD is the most Lua friendly operating system.
>> But, am I right in seeing in this an indication that Lua will soon become a "first-class citizen" language in NetBSD? This would imply, in my understanding, that more and more Lua-NetBSD integration is to be expected.
>> I do hope to see this happening soon.
> So do I =).
> Cheers,