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On Sun, Oct 23, 2011 at 1:54 PM, Pascal <> wrote:
> Marc Balmer wrote:
>>NetBSD (-current) has Lua in the base install
>>and there is an ongoing project to use Lua in
>>the kernel.
> This sounds very fascinating indeed. I have read about the Lunatik project, but I was not able to understand whether is has been already completed or not. When should we expect to see it fully implemented?

What you mean by "completed"? Lunatik is functional. You can use it to
run and load Lua scripts in the Linux or NetBSD kernel. However,
Lunatik itself doesn't provide bindings to kernel internals. If you
want to use it, you need to write your own bindings.

My plan, and I think it is also the Marc's plan, is to write Lua
bindings in the NetBSD kernel to get it more useful and to have
concrete examples of how Lua could be used inside the kernel, but I
think that is not feasible to write bindings for all possible
scripting usages in the kernel. So, I think that developers should
find their own usages for it. For example, I made bindings for Cpufreq
on Linux and for read/write system calls on NetBSD; André Graf from
University of Basel made bindings for Linux's Netfilter; and I
recently talked with an other folk that wants to write bindings for
other Linux subsystem.

For sure, Lunatik needs to evolve, but I think that it is quite usable already.

>>That does not mean, however, that
>>NetBSD is the most Lua friendly operating system.
> But, am I right in seeing in this an indication that Lua will soon become a "first-class citizen" language in NetBSD? This would imply, in my understanding, that more and more Lua-NetBSD integration is to be expected.
> I do hope to see this happening soon.

So do I =).

Lourival Vieira Neto