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On 21 October 2011 19:07, Sam Roberts <> wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 21, 2011 at 3:59 PM, Philipp Janda <> wrote:
>> On 21.10.2011 20:49, Sam Roberts wrote:
>>> [...]
>>> I'd say the single biggest problem with losing module is that we have
>>> to port everything to 5.2, and do it in a way that also works for 5.1
>>> (which will be here a long time).
>> Just use the proposed module-less module system -- it will work for Lua 5.1
>> and 5.2 (no matter what is decided for the future of "module")!
> You say "just use", but you mean is "rewrite everything".
> You seem to be making the point that it is possible to write modules
> in 5.2, but I don't dispute that, not does anyone else.
> I just don't want to rewrite everything for dubious advantage.

Then it's perfectly possible to stick with Lua 5.1. Seriously, there
are still people using Lua 2.0 in production.

I have a few lines of code to update as you know, but I never expected
the transition to 5.2 to require no changes at all.