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Am 21.10.11 01:34, schrieb STPeters:
> On 10/20/2011 3:16 PM, Marc Balmer wrote:
>> Am 20.10.11 19:47, schrieb Pascal Du Maurrier:
>>> Hi everyone,
>>> I thought it would be beneficial to start a
>>> thread where Lua programmers can share
>>> their impressions and experiences about
>>> getting Lua to work on the various operating
>>> systems. And especially how they interact with
>>>   the operating system itself.
>>> Which are the most Lua-friendly operating
>>> systems?
>> NetBSD (-current) has Lua in the base install and there is an ongoing
>> project to use Lua in the kernel.  That does not mean, however, that
>> NetBSD is the most Lua friendly operating system.  As Lua is highly
>> portable, probably any OS is "most Lua firendly".
>>> Which OSes let Lua access their APIs, and to
>>> what extent?
>> NetBSD has it's own interface to SQLite (which is also in the base
>> install of the OS) and a module to access GPIO (General Purpose Input
>> Output) pins using Lua.
>>> On which systems has the Lua ecosystem (libraries, etc) developed best?
>>> Please share your insights about programming
>>> on the various OSes, possibly with a mention
>>> of their pros and cons vis-a-vis Lua.
> FreeBSD also has a pretty decent lineup of maintained (and legacy)
> Lua-related ports:

Well, it's a different pair of shoes whether the base operating system
comes with Lua or of it is in ports/packages.

Of course NetBSD (pkgsrc) has plenty of Lua packages, but I wanted to
point out that NetBSD comes with Lua right in the base operating system
install, Lua is part of NetBSD and not only of the ports collection.