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Am 20.10.11 19:47, schrieb Pascal Du Maurrier:
> Hi everyone,
> I thought it would be beneficial to start a
> thread where Lua programmers can share 
> their impressions and experiences about 
> getting Lua to work on the various operating
> systems. And especially how they interact with
>  the operating system itself.
> Which are the most Lua-friendly operating 
> systems?

NetBSD (-current) has Lua in the base install and there is an ongoing
project to use Lua in the kernel.  That does not mean, however, that
NetBSD is the most Lua friendly operating system.  As Lua is highly
portable, probably any OS is "most Lua firendly".

> Which OSes let Lua access their APIs, and to 
> what extent? 

NetBSD has it's own interface to SQLite (which is also in the base
install of the OS) and a module to access GPIO (General Purpose Input
Output) pins using Lua.

> On which systems has the Lua ecosystem (libraries, etc) developed best? 
> Please share your insights about programming 
> on the various OSes, possibly with a mention 
> of their pros and cons vis-a-vis Lua.