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2011/10/21 Michal Kolodziejczyk <>:
> I am using ArchLinux - it has some lua related packages, and it has
> luarocks, so you can install even more lua packages. The problem is of
> course using 2 differnet repositories (luarocks vs linux distro).

The duplication issue is a problem, and it isn't easy to solve. LR
does not recognize the distro's luasocket (say) as satisfying the
requirement for luasocket, and so installs it again.  The version that
actually gets used depends on how the module path is organized
(usually system first on Debian, but no guarantees)

It would be cool if there were 'virtual' LR packages that would point
to the repo packages, but there's a lot of differences out there!

It's not a major train smash, unless you get bitten by an out-of-date
version. And that possibility makes careful people wary...

steve d.