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On Fri, Oct 21, 2011 at 9:15 AM, steve donovan
<> wrote:
> 2011/10/21 Michal Kolodziejczyk <>:
>> I am using ArchLinux - it has some lua related packages, and it has
>> luarocks, so you can install even more lua packages. The problem is of
>> course using 2 differnet repositories (luarocks vs linux distro).
> The duplication issue is a problem, and it isn't easy to solve. LR
> does not recognize the distro's luasocket (say) as satisfying the
> requirement for luasocket, and so installs it again.  The version that
> actually gets used depends on how the module path is organized
> (usually system first on Debian, but no guarantees)
> It would be cool if there were 'virtual' LR packages that would point
> to the repo packages, but there's a lot of differences out there!

>From distro makers viewpoint, it would be awesome if you could download a
lua-module-$version.rock.tar.gz package, unpack it
and luarock build and luarock install --destdir=$staging_root (note
that the download operation should be from the packaging framework and
that you need separate build and install stages + a possibility to
specify the staging root)

Its fairly easy to build distro packages with pythons and
perl cpans. Its cumbersome/ugly with ruby gems (but possible) but it
is (was?) close to impossible with luarocks.

> It's not a major train smash, unless you get bitten by an out-of-date
> version. And that possibility makes careful people wary...

If luarocks could be a useful tool to build distro packages there
would be less out-of-date versions.

Natanael Copa