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"Patrick Mc(avery" <> writes:
> Actually I don't want to change Lua per say, it's just that with all the
> module discussion I feel that a large part of the list is arguing for
> the wrong sort of things. I think that there should be more attention
> paid to making it simpler to use.

I dunno, the new "purer" modules in 5.2 actually seem crazy easy to
use, and also easy to understand if described reasonably:

``A "module" in Lua is just a table containing some functions.

To load a module, you use the "require" function, which takes a name,
finds the corresponding source file, and returns whatever that source
file returns -- which is usually the table containing that module's


   * To _use_ a module, just call the "require" function to find it,
     store the table it returns in a variable, and call the functions
     in that table as you wish:

      local M = require "M"
         M.oink ();
         M.barf ();

   * To _define_ a module, just make your source file return a table
     with your functions.  E.g.

       local M = {}
       function M.oink () ... end
       function M.barf () ... end
       return M

That seems pretty darn easy to me...


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