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On 20 October 2011 18:47, Pascal Du Maurrier <> wrote:
> Hi everyone,

> Which are the most Lua-friendly operating
> systems?

As Luiz says, Lua is unrelated to the operating system, however see below.

> Which OSes let Lua access their APIs, and to
> what extent?

Most Lua libraries are also platform agnostic, though some specialize
in either POSIX or Windows environments, for example.

> On which systems has the Lua ecosystem (libraries, etc) developed best?

Windows (thanks to Lua for Windows), Debian/Ubuntu (thanks to the
quality and quantity of Lua packages in the repository, including

Platforms I've encountered less Lua joy on are the RPM-based Linux
distros, including RHEL, CentOS, etc. simply because the packages are
broken or inadequate, often requiring compiling things from source
(entirely possible, just less than convenient).