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> > Also have a look at the number of Lua->C and C->Lua calls via the
> > classic Lua/C API. These are expensive and neither a C compiler,
> > nor a Lua compiler can optimize across the language border. Most
> > of the time will be wasted in the API calls.
> Just wondering - if someone ran into this do you think it would be
> symptomatic of:
> 1. Not truly choosing a language to implement the project in (eg., too
> much mixing between the 2 languages).
> 2. Poor implementation (e.g., probably a better way to reduce the
> number of API calls).
> 3. Something else?

Excessive calls to the API is usually a bad design, as anything
"excessive" is. But Lua has been designed since the beginning to be used
with C. One of the main points in using Lua is exactly that you do not
have to choose between either Lua or C.

-- Roberto