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Ben Kelly <> wrote:
> Personally, what I'll miss most is DSL creation. The ability to swap
> around the caller's environment silently makes it easy to create
> "keyword-like" functions that hugely simplify the structure of
> configuration and game-behaviour files. Having to tack _ENV in front of
> each of those is not only very ugly, it confuses the modders.
> Yeah, I can use debug.setupvalue(), but now I'm using the debug library
> in release code, which last I checked was considered extremely
> inappropriate under any circumstances.

The way to do this is to wrap the script like this

	script, script_setenv = load(
		[[ return function (...) ]]
		.. source ..
		[[ end, function (env) _ENV = env end ]]

Then your special keyword-like functions can call the relevant
script_setenv function instead of setfenv. You can fake up a replacement
setfenv like this

	script_env_setter[script] = script_setenv

	function setscriptenv(script,env)

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