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I'm not claiming that Lua needed salvation, but it is used in a *lot* of games exactly because it's lean and fast. I think you mentioned Lua being used in World of Warcraft... Do you think it would have been used there if it was fat and slow?

If you consider the videogame console world, being small and fast is even more critical. Otherwise, how would it fit in so little memory, and be able to execute game logic in the time of one frame?



Hi Andre

No I don't want Lua to be fat and slow at all.

Okay let me rephrase, it this way, if we could trade weak tables and closures for a simple python/import mechanism then I think that would be better for the language. I think it needs to stay small to stay away from the bigger language's market but not so much that it is hard for a non-programmer to use and that non-programmer friendly features should trump advanced FP features.

It is my understanding that TCL ended up nether small like Lua for embedding nor feature rich like Python. I guess I am trying to say there is a dangerous balancing act here.