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Observing a LunarCGI example, this library seems to be very easy. As it seems to be created in pure Lua, C compilations won't be needed. As I don't understand anything about C, only when available in Luarocks, compilations are successful.

Having accessed the link you sent me, I was invited to redirect my browser to:
But here is the information there is no files to download.

Sometimes it's oubvious, but visiting the site for the first time, I haven't often found everything I want. I am blind and I use screen readers. So the fact I was not able to find the link for download it probably a limitation concerned to me, not to LunarCGI site.

My intention now is only to learn, to have a contact with web development. I don't have a system to develop. In this exactly moment, the single user to be regarded is me!

I am sure Bamboo and Kepler are very good frameworks. I don't know, but frameworks, in terms of productivity, are really so useful. But, now, desiring to start in the simplest way, perhaps is more intersting to test LunarCGI or Haserl.

Thanky you all for the gentile tips!

Em 17-10-2011 00:21, Sebastien Lai escreveu:
On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 2:38 AM, Luciano de Souza<>  wrote:
Hi all,

What is the simplest way to run a Lua script in Apache producing web pages?
I am not an experienced developer, I don't want to invest now in very
complex APIs.
You might want to give LunarCGI[1] a try. Since the latest release, it
features LunarRouter, which parses PATH_INFO similar to ruby's

The API is also extremely simple- the directory "examples" might be of use.

Also, LunarCGI runs on bareboned CGI, and doesn't require any
additional installation. Well, except for a Lua interpreter, of


</shameless-selfpromoting>  :-P